Hand History Replayer

Reviewing past hands can give you great insights into your game.

Our Instant Hand History already allows you to look back at your play or check what an opponent called you with in previous hands. To give you even more options, we’ve introduced the Hand History Replayer. It lets you take an instant look back at a hand exactly as it happened: all you have to do is click the ‘Replayer’ icon on the table.


Hand Selector

Once you’ve clicked the ‘Replayer’ icon, a window will appear showing you the hands you’ve already played on the table*. Choose the hand you’d like to review.

* A maximum of 100 hands per table will be supported.

Drop down for table name

  • A drop-down menu displaying the names of all the tables you’ve played on in the current session will be at the top of the replayer window
  • Tables will be listed even if you have closed them down
  • You can select a Table Number from the drop down and the hands of that table will be populated in that area
  • As soon as you select a table, the last hand played on it will be loaded in the replayer
Column Description
Date This column will display the date the hand was played on and the time at which it ended.
Hand # This column will display the hand number.
Hole Cards/Player cards You will be able to see the hole cards that you were dealt. In case of 7 Card Stud these will be displayed as player cards.
Table Cards The community cards are displayed in this column. In 7 Card Stud, if there are eight players sitting until the river, one card will be displayed in table cards.
Bet This column will display the amount that you have bet in the hand.
Payoff This column will display the amount that you were paid in that hand as a winning amount.
Balance/Remaining Chips This column will display the amount you were left with on that table. If you’re reviewing a tournament table this will be the number of chips left on the table, and the column will be called ‘Remaining chips’.

Please note:

  • The ‘Replayer’ icon will become active only when you have played one complete hand on a table
  • You can also replay a hand from the Instant Hand History window by selecting one and clicking on ‘Replay’
  • You will only be able to replay the hands in which you have taken part in during your current session
  • You need to have Flash 9 or higher to use the replayer
  • Our Hand History Replayer is not compatible with Windows 98, ME and NT operating systems