Multi-tabling made easy at

We've come up with some great new features to make multi-tabling much easier to manage. As well as making opening and managing your tables more straightforward, we've also made our in-game controls much more user friendly. Find out more by using the links below:

Opening new tables

Open multiple tables from Lobby

You can now open multiple tables by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on the tables you want to play in the Lobby. Just hit the 'Open Table(s)' button or the Return key to open the selected tables.

New Lobby preferences

Normally, the Lobby is minimized when you open a table, which could be frustrating if you want to open multiple tables. Now you can change your preferences to keep the Lobby at full size, allowing you to pick more tables before you play. You can also change this setting at the table in the multi-table menu.

'Open Table' button

This is a new feature which appears on all tables other than MTCTs. Clicking the 'Open Table' button allows you to open a new table similar to the one you're on or one drawn from your favorites.

We make sure you get the best match to the table you're on by looking at the game, table stakes, players taking part, and a host of other criteria.

Multi tabling - Open new button

Please note that this new feature always opens one table, irrespective of your other favorites settings. favorites

You can now view tables, open tables, or sit down directly at one from your favorites. There's now no need to search the Lobby: Just click on one of your favorite games and you'll be in the thick of the action in three seconds.

To find out more, visit the Favorites page.

Quick Seat search box

The Quick Seat search box lets you locate and open the table you want in record time. Choose the type of table you want to look for and then either hit 'Search Tables' to see a full list of matches or 'Open Table' to be taken straight to the table which most closely matches your requirements.

Use the 'Advanced search' feature to create more detailed searches.

To find out more, visit the Quick Seat page.

Managing your tables


Hitting the 'Cascade' button allows you to arrange multiple tables in rows across your monitor. You can only use this feature when you have more than one table open.


Tiling allows you to arrange multiple tables by automatically adjusting their size to fit on your screen. You can choose whether to tile your tables from left to right or from top to bottom.

You can only use this feature when you have more than one table open.

Manual resizing

Remember, you can also manually resize your tables to fit around any other windows you have open.

Default table-size

You can use the 'Default table-size' button to reset the table to its original size. You can only use this feature if the table size has been changed.

Sort your open tables onscreen

You can now arrange your open tables according to game type, average pot size and their current order by using the table layout and order function.

  • Ordering by game type puts MTCTs at the top of the list, followed by STTs and cash games, so you'll always see your tournaments first.
  • Ordering by average pot size sorts the tables according to how much cash is being played for (on average) per hand. The table with the largest pot goes at the top, the smallest at the bottom. For tournament, the buy-in takes the place of the average pot size.
  • Clicking on any order command twice flips the view from ascending to descending.
  • You can also choose to remember the current table order. This is useful when you have put together a table order that suits you, and means you can add more tables to your selection without altering the view: The new tables will simply open at the end of your layout.

Using two monitors


Our multi-tabling features now include the option to use two monitors as you play. The feature will automatically detect when you are using multiple monitors and will allow you to cascade or tile your tables across both screens.

The tables will be tiled on the primary monitor first (4 max); when the primary monitor is full the remaining tables are placed on the second monitor.

Using two monitors

You can manually move tables across monitors, but please note that pressing the tile icon will reset any tables moved between monitors back again to the initial monitor. We understand this is not ideal and will be launching an enhanced version soon.

If you prefer to have all your tables on one screen, choose the 'Use primary monitor only' option in your preferences

Helping you at the table

Time-out alerts

This feature lets you know when it's your turn to act at a specific table, and how long you've got left to make your play. As the time decreases, the alert becomes more prominent.

You can choose between different time-out alert options. You can set it to change window colors, make sounds, and jump a table to the front or take focus when it's your turn to act. Just remember to save your settings after you've changed your preferences.

Opportunity alerts

The multi-table preferences also allow you to set alerts for important events happening at the tables. You can choose from:

  • Good hand alert: Set an alert to appear when you get dealt a certain hand or better. Choose the card ranks and suit of the hands you want to play. Make sure that the hand you set isn't too low or you'll get lots of alerts and won't get the most from this feature.
  • Big pot alert: Set an alert to appear when the pot at a table grows to a certain size. This will be based on a multiple of the table's big blind. So, if you set a multiplier of 10 at a €1/2 table, you'll see an alert when the pot size reaches €20. You can set different multipliers for limit, no-limit, and pot-limit games. This feature can be used on Texas Hold'em, Omaha, and Stud tables, which use the ante instead of the big blind. Remember, setting the size of the pots you want to know about too low means you'll see loads of alerts and may not make the most of this feature.
  • Raise sequence alert: The feature alerts you to loose betting patterns from your opponents – which means big pots for you.
  • When an alert is triggered, the table will buzz and make a sound, the carpet color will darken and the alert title (or titles if there are multiple alerts) will appear in the table header.

You can set your alert preferences in the preferences section, which can be reached from the Lobby.

Card backs

As before, you can choose the design on the back of the cards at each table, giving you another great way to tell which table you're looking at. To set the card-back design, just go to the table settings page.

The 'Your turn' button

The 'You turn' button will appear above the action area of the table when it's your turn to make a play, prompting you to jump to the next table you can act on.

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts offer you a new way to play your game. Instead of with the mouse you now can fold, check/call or bet/raise using your keyboard. Shortcuts work for both advance action and action buttons.

To find out more, visit the keyboard shortcuts page.