Synchronised Breaks

Synchronised breaks begin at 55 minutes past every hour for five minutes. The five-minute break will begin when all hands for each tournament end, For example, if a tournament starts at 21:10 ET, the tournament clock will stop at 21:55 ET but all hands currently being played must be completed before the break actually begins. The tournament break counter then ticks down for five minutes and the tournament again resumes as soon as the five minutes elapses. The next Synchronised Break will take place at 22:55 ET.

The concept of synchronised breaks allows you to play more than one Multi-Table Tournament by providing that valuable break every hour across all tournaments.

Synchronised breaks will not happen in the following instances:

  • If Turbo tournaments haven’t yet passed the first two blind levels
  • If the tournament hasn’t yet passed the first blind level
  • If tournaments are running but still open for registration

Please note the following when taking part in rebuy or add-on tournaments:

  • In the cases of rebuy and add-on tournaments, there will be a one minute break after the rebuy period for add-ons.
  • In the cases of rebuy tournaments without any add-ons, there will be a 30 second break at the end of the rebuy period for anyone to make final rebuys.

Now you can take advantage of the breaks during your extended tournament session. Even when you're playing in more than one Multi-Table Tournament, synchronised breaks will let you take time out without missing any of the action.