MTT Leaderboards

MTT Leaderboards

There’s a €8.5K prizepool across two MTT Leaderboards to play for each week – hit the tables now for the chance to scoop your share!

How it works:

Simply earn Leaderboard points by playing MTT’s and climb your way up to a prize position! You can win up to €1,250 in tournament euros.

Here are the two separate Weekly MTT Leaderboards:

-Low MTTs = buy-ins up to €22 (freerolls are not included).
-High MTTs = buy-ins €25 or greater.

Leaderboard points are calculated by a formula which factors in:

  • The number of players registered in a tournament.
  • Your ranking.
  • The tournament buy-in.

Please note that flighted tournaments (with several Day 1s) are not taken into account.

1st 500 T€ 1250 T€
2nd 300 T€ 900 T€
3rd 200 T€ 750 T€
4th 180 T€ 500 T€
5th 150 T€ 300 T€
6th 120 T€ 200 T€
7th 100 T€ 150 T€
8th 80 T€ 120 T€
9th 60 T€ 100 T€
10th 40 T€ 80 T€
11th-20th 25 T€  
11th-15th   60 T€
16th-30th   40 T€
21st-30th 20 T€  
31st-50th 15 T€ 20 T€
51st-75th 10 T€  
76th-100th 5 T€  

MTT Leaderboard

    • The Weekly Leaderboards promotion is offered by ElectraWorks (España) Plc, Parklane Building, Level 1, Suite 2, Triq Joe Sciberras, Hamrun, HMR 1556, Malta, Registration number: C53497;
    • By participating in this promotion, you agree to these specific conditions applicable to the promotion and our standard terms and conditions;
    • Standings of MTTs or tournaments start every week on Monday at 0:00 CET and end on Sunday at 23:59 CET. Tournaments started before Sunday at 23:59 CET are taken into account for the ranking.
    • Points that are considered for weekly rankings differ from Party Poker Points. They will be calculated using the following formula: 10 * (√ (n) / √ (p)) * (1 + LOG (entry fee + 0.25)). Please note that n indicates the number of players in the tournament and p your final position.
    • Please note that √ is the symbol of the square root.
    • Please note that the word "entry fee" refers to the amount of the player's contribution to the tournament prize pool (excluding commission and share of the bounty in the entry fee for the tournaments concerned).
    • Please note that tournaments played with more than one Day 1 (flight) are not taken into account in the weekly rankings.
    • Please note that only tournaments open to all players in the partygaming network will earn points. Tournaments exclusive to partypoker players do not allow you to earn ranking points.
    • Only points earned between the first and last day of the week will be counted in the weekly ranking.
    • Only points earned in a single week (at the dates and times indicated above) will be counted towards the weekly ranking.
    • Points are not transferable from one week to the next.
    • The 2 ranking levels are set according to the entry fee of the tournament played. Tournaments with an entry fee lower than or equal to € 22 allow you to earn points for the Low Limit Ranking and tournaments at the entry fee higher than € 22 for the High Limit Ranking. Beware of Bounty tournaments, depending on the amount of the Bounty, can tip the tournament into the high or low limit, since the amount of the Bounty is not part of the buy-in.
    • Players can view their position by clicking the Promotions tab in the software.